Who We Are?

Our Story

Vespa Club Skopje was founded on June 10, 2014 by the true lovers of Piaggio Vespa models, with the main goal of promoting a driving culture by driving unique stylized new generation and vintage Vespa scooters from the last century. Part of the club’s activities is also organizing group drives for the club members and visiting international events organized by various Vespa clubs from the region and the world. Our club has 40 active members, a number that continuously grows, and they own at list one Vespa scooter as a prerequisite for membership.

What differs the Vespa riders from other motorcycle lovers is the style. We want to ride with style. Starting from the motorcycle itself, through a beautiful and modern helmet always in tone with Vespa itself. Simply, you cannot miss noticing the Vespa lovers when you pass by them while they are riding on their Vespa scooters. Members of our club, as true lovers in their Vespas and above all for the efforts for greater affirmation of our club, have visited more international events in a dozen countries in the region and Europe over the past four years. In addition to the international events, within our city and where the club was registered, we also attended the Gentleman’s Ride on regular basis. 

Our club’s corner is in the city center of Skopje, right next to the Catholic Church at the very roundabout and it is named “Vespa Bar”.